Dardanup Open

The Dardanup open is on this Sunday morning. This will be the 3rd road race I've been in, the others being the Peter Clarke memorial up in Carabooda and the Tom Lowry memorial in Collie. Got 7th and 12thish in those races. I'm hoping for a top 5 in this one, that would be pretty sweet. Sounds like there's going to be a pretty big field for this one, with a lot SPR riders (I think we make up around a quarter of the entrants across all grades.. sweet hey). Hopefully there will be a lot less crashes than the Collie race. There were 3 in C grade/under 17s (they put us together for some reason, made for a confusing race), one of them was a dog running into the middle of the bunch. Took out 5 or so riders ala Marcus Burghardt.

Anyway, now is as good of time as any to introduce my trusty steed (his name is Francesco, long story.. well it isn't really, he's a poncy try-hard Italian bike.. of Taiwanese ancestry). Say hello Francesco!

Errrmmm... ciao!


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