Live Wire 24 Hour Winter Rogaine

My first 24 hour rogaine is coming up soon. It'll be on the weekend before my birthday, so hopefully there'll be a surprise cake at the end. Can you put in requests at the hash house? Anyway, I digress. The rogaine will be held in lovely countryside/bush/snake-infested-death-pits east of Donnybrook. Now, you may be thinking, what does live wire have to do with any of this? Its a very good question, and I commend the reading for asking it. You see, some of the terrain we will be on is on farmland. Farms tend to have fences. Some farms push electrons through these fences... Now don't get me wrong. I like jumping fences Indiana Jones style with a perfectly executed ninja roll upon landing, but the threat of electrocution, it.. it somehow just doesn't really take my fancy. On the other hand, maybe I could HTFU and add an extra cup of concrete to my breakfast that morning. Or, you know, wear gloves.

 Yeah, something like that. Spot the 10 things wrong with this photo! Best one wins a prize!

I'll be partnering again with Shannan again in this one (do I smell a rogaine themed cake coming up soon?). This time I'm going to be taking a thin mattress to sleep on, thermarests just don't cut it after that much walking. We've also learnt how to navigate properly since the last one, which should make things interesting. I'm current working on making a high powered torch out of an old one I have. If it works, which is highly unlikely, I'll put it a how-to up on this site. I also want to have another stab at video recording the rogaine, like my failed attempt on the walk of madness, which I still have to work out how to do now that my phone is thoroughly dead.


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