Everyone needs goals. Here's my cycling ones for the year.

  • - Place well (top 5) in B grade in road racing
  • - Place well in C grade in criterium racing
  • - Enter the Tour of Canberra in May 

  • - Get up Mt Ainslie in under 9 minutes
  • - Get up Black Mountain in under 10 minutes
  • - Ride to Lake George and back
  • - Ride to a country town and back (Bungendore, Yass, Goulburn)
  • - Ride to another city (one way)

That last one will take a lot of preparation and training, but if I aim for something on the coast, it's mostly downhill!


Kim said...

Some great goals! Good luck. :) maybe you could do a post on one once you've done it?

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