Stromlo ITT

Thanks for the photo random Viking man.

A wonderful rainy and windy day for a fanciful jaunt along Uriarra Rd. Ten riders turned up for the 15 km time trial. The course was undulating hills with a couple of tiny kicks along the way. I was the last rider to head out. The rain had stopped by this time but I was still soaked from the ride out. The first half of the course was overall downhill with a great tail wind pushing us along. The ride back was uphill and and into the wind - not so fun.

I was aiming to keep in low E3 for the first half, mid E3 for the 3 quarter bumping it up to high E3 to E4 for the last few kms. My heart mostly behaved, but my legs felt they were missing some power. I think I need to focus on a proper warm up before starting time trials. I struggled a little on some of the hills on the way out, but once the engines were firing, I settled into a nice tempo on the way back, while slowing ramping up my heart rate.

I placed 4th overall with a time of 26min 7 secs with an average speed of 34.5 km/h. The winning time was 24min 20 secs (37.0 km/h) by James. I need to do more time trialling practise! I think doing some of my easier riders on the TT bars will let me get more used to the TT position, working some of the leg muscles that don't often otherwise get my much of a workout (I'm looking at you hamstrings!)

Taking off from the start line. Click here for the video!


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