Updated List of Places to Ride

In my original goals post, I outlined places I would like to ride to. After a bit more research, I've found some new places I'd like to try getting to, and put them in order that I will attempt them.

- Lake George, 68km round trip
- Murrumbateman, 75km round trip
- Bungendore,76km round trip
- Collector, 110km round trip
- Yass, 105km round trip
- Corin Dam, 125km round trip
- Cooma, 122km one way
- Braidwood, 173km round trip (road might be dodgy though)
- Batemans Bay, 146km one way (dodgy road?)
- Goulburn, 178km round trip (the giant ram lives here!)
- Canberra-Collector-Yass-Canberra, 195km 
- Cooma, 244km round trip
- Sydney???, 286km one way


Kim said...

I think this should also be labelled as "madness". :P Good luck! :)

Pickle said...

Thanks :) Hopefully I can get through them all :)

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