Eight Peaks

Bimberi Peak from Corin Dam, ACT

This is something I've been thinking about for a while - climbing the tallest peak in each state/territory. It's a bit like the infamous Seven Summits, but not as death making and slightly more achievable. It was motivated the climb up Mt Ossa while walking the overland track in Tassie.  This would be a long term thing, trying to knock off one or two every year.

ACT: Bimberi Peak
NSW: Mount Kosciuszko
NT: Mount Zeil
Qld: Mount Bartle Frere
SA: Mount Woodroffe
Tas: Mount Ossa
WA: Mount Meharry
Vic: Mount Bogong

I could have a good crack at getting up Mt Kosciuszko and Bimberi peak this year. Maybe Mt Bongong too, if I'm lucky (haha.. Bogong). The others will have to come later!


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