Lap of Lake Burley Griffin

Another Canberra staple is the lap of the Lake. Nice and flat with some very quick sections in the eastern portion.

The Canizzle - Oh yeah.
It's a very scenic route, a good one to see the sites of Canberra. On the ride you'll pass the Governor General's house in Yarralumla, the National Library, a couple of other National buildings (I wasn't taking that much notice.. there were too many runners to dodge) and the mighty Scrinver Dam!

It's kinda mighty.. it would have been more mighty after the 7 or so meters of rain the other day! 

 Speaking of the rain, it ate some of the bike path:

Om nom nom
So all in all, a lovely, flat, quick, jogger packed ride if you have a spare hour and can bunny hop further than an olympic long jump jumper.


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