Mt Kosciuszko

King of the world!.. err, continent!..!
I walked to the top of Mt Kosciuszko a few weeks ago with a couple of friends. We cheated a bit and took the chairlifts up from Thredbo, but it was a lovely walk from there, about 12km return. It was whited out all the way so I couldn't see more than 10m at any one time. Ah well, it's a good excuse to go back and check out the view.

My Polish friend that came with us on this walk made us learn the correct pronunciation of Kosciuszko, something along the lines of "Ko-shoo-sko", which I was happy with because it was one less syllable to say.

All in all, a nice walk. Take warm gear with you, I obviously didn't (maybe I was just seeing how far I can get in my shorts).

ACT: Bimberi Peak
NSW: Mount Kosciuszko
NT: Mount Zeil
Qld: Mount Bartle Frere
SA: Mount Woodroffe
Tas: Mount Ossa
WA: Mount Meharry
Vic: Mount Bogong


Kim said...

Awesome photo! Looks slippery..

Good work! :D

Pickle said...

I almost fell off while trying to a one-legged pose

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